Unakite Stone - Double Flared Plugs

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  Pry open your third eye with Unakite plugs from Intrepid. Unakite has long been known as a stone that allows spiritual growth by unblocking passageways that can be clogged by negative energy. If you're seeking vision in your life, you need to seek the power of Unakite! Many psychic healers use Unakite as a gentle way to assist patients in clearing out negative and unnecessary mental and spiritual elements from their lives. When it comes to the heart chakras, Unakite does a fantastic job of connecting the lower and higher, ultimately leading to healing and peace within the circulatory system. If you meditate, Unakite can also help you to reach deeper levels of consciousness and concentration. Pregnant women can benefit from Unakite, as it strengthens their reproductive system. If you're expecting, or if you know someone who is, pick up some of our beautiful Unakite plugs today and get the spirit in line with the mind!

**Please remember Stone Plugs have individual inclusions making each pair unique, different and truly one of a kind!

Double Flared

**Please note that the size is measured on the wearing surface and the flares are 1 - 1.5mm larger.


All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when not in use. Free Intrepid stickers included too!

All jewelry offered is for healed and stretched piercings only! Do not use any jewelry to stretch your own earlobes and it's highly recommend that you consult a professional piercer when gauging up!