Sodalite Single Flare Plugs

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Sodalite Single Flare Stone Plugs  

Unlock your mind's true potential with Sodialite plugs. Long used by artists and writers for inspiration, Sodialite features a unique pattern of blues, blacks and whites. The stone is also well known for its healing properties. Many people that suffer from insomnia or digestion problems often turn to Sodialite for relief from their symptoms, and it's also great for reducing high blood pressure. If your home or office is not in harmony, you can also use Sodialite to bring a sense of balance to your surroundings. Mystics have often used the stone to reunite the spiritual body and the rational mind, allowing them to achieve a higher state of clarity in their everyday dealings. You can even use Sodialite to end arguments and return relationships to a tranquil state. If you're ready to take your body jewelry collection and your consciousness to the next level, consider picking up a few pairs of our Sodialite plugs today!

Always remember that stone has varying inclusions making each pair different and unique and therefore no two plugs exactly alike.

All prices are per pair.

**Single Flare Plugs* All plugs come with an extra set of o-rings (4 individual ones all together) and the plugs have a small groove carved on the end to hold the o-rings in place. 

All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when not in use. 
Also available in Double Flare