Snake Shell Thick Hoops 2ga

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Made from a Vegetable Cellulose Acetate, this color has the most amazing texture and pearl opaque color.

2ga (6mm)

Length 2 3/8" (61mm)

Width 1 3/4" (45mm) 

Made from Italian Rhodiod, a form of Vegetable Cellulose Acetate, this material is incredibly durable, eco friendly and hypoallergenic, setting it apart from all other body jewelry currently on the market.  

These fun and bright earrings are what remains of the first run of Acetate that Intrepid produced in 2010.  

Unlike our most recent design, the wearing surface has been hand beveled, allowing for the earrings to be worn directly in the ear. Although not designed to be worn through Eyelets, they may be, but they and are not guaranteed to stay in.

Because of the additional work required to hand bevel the wearing surface, this design does not come with a free pair of eyelets.