Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Magnetic Clasp Gauged Earrings - Available in Silver or Gold

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Seed of Life
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Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Magnetic Clasp Gauged Earrings 

These earrings have a magnetic clasp, exclusively developed by Intrepid Jewelry, and are designed to be worn through tunnels, NOT DIRECTLY IN THE EAR.  Each pair comes with a free pair of Stainless Steel or Gold Plated Eyelets.  
Available in Gold or Silver
Small diameter - 1 1/4"
Large Diameter - 2"
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Seed of Life 



The flower of life (from which the seed of life emerges) contains the knowledge of all life, and serves as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe.

At its core is the seed of life. The seed of life is a key to understanding the expansion of new energy, information, and light as it enters consciousness.  The site of this visual pattern stimulates the pineal gland, which holds ancient memories of our origins and purpose.

All change has at its beginning, a seed…an initial thought or notion that precedes some action that affects a shift in the present set of manifesting circumstances.

Our desire is that the seed of life will awaken all of us to new expanded understandings of our purpose, contributions, and healing power.



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