Red Goldstone Single Flare

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Red Goldstone Single Flare Plug

  Known for its protective powers, Red Goldstone is an excellent choice if you're under attack from dark forces. It deflects negative energies and generates positive energies at the same time, allowing wearers to remain free from difficulties in many areas of life. Although it is a synthetic stone, it contains copper, which is known to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Natural healers often use Red Goldstone when using their hands to heal, as well as in long distance healing. Because this stone works with the heart, throat and third eye chakras, it is also useful for increasing honest communication, both physical and psychic. Our Red Goldstone plugs feature beautiful, luscious red tones and gold sparkles that stand out. Each piece also sparkles under a variety of lighting.

*Always remember that stone has varying inclusions making each pair different and unique and therefore no two plugs exactly alike. You will not receive the exact pair shown in this picture.

**Single Flare Plugs* All plugs come with an extra set of o-rings (4 individual ones all together) and the plugs have a small groove carved on the end to hold the o-rings in place.

All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when not in use.