Tigers Eye Teardrop Plugs - Double Flared Plugs

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When you need courage and luck, there's no stone better than Brown Tiger's Eye. If you need proof of that, consider the fact that Roman soldiers, long known for their toughness and bravery, would wear the stone during battles...and we all know how those battles turned out. You can also use Brown Tiger's Eye to discern truth in virtually any situation, and it also serves as a protective element if you're under attack from evil and negative spirits and energies. Brown Tiger's Eye stone can also be used to bring about a more efficient use of future seeing and divination. Many psychics swear by it in order to coalesce to their nature-given gift of psychic power.

Each one of our Brown Tiger's Eye plugs is unique, meaning no two pieces will be exactly the same. Regardless, you're sure to find brilliant and beautiful golden, brown, red and black hues in each plug.Double Flared Plugs

**Please note that the size is measured on the wearing surface and the flares are .5-1mm larger.