Tattooed Baby Bags

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   You either love them or you hate them, but here at Intrepid, we think they're pretty cute! 

   100% cotton shopping bag with an adorable image of a modified baby, with real body jewelry inserted for that extra special touch!

   For those of you who haven't heard of Photoshop (we've run across one or two of you before) NO REAL babies were harmed while making these bags, so don't worry, there isn't a child running around with a septum piercing or a warped tattoo of a koi fish on it's back!!

   These bags are great for people with a sense of humor and perfect for anyone who likes to shock their conservative friends or neighbors.  Whether you using them as green grocery bags, to carry your school books, or as diaper bag for your little one, these bags will do the trick. 

   Available with 11 different babies, there is something for everyone.