Snow Flake Obsidian - Double Flared Plugs

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SP-OB-SN 8ga
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    Take a trip to the dark side with Snow Flake Obsidian plugs. Formed from volcanic lava, Snow Flake Obsidian is a beautiful and sophisticated dark stone that produces a brilliant shine under all types of lighting. Due to its superior strength, early humans used Snow Flake Obsidian to construct weapons, and many psychics today still use it to gaze into the future. Because nature is the designer, each one of our Snow Flake Obsidian plugs is unique. Air bubbles trapped beneath the surface of each piece can produce an amazing golden sheen and gorgeous rainbows. The snowflake effect itself is caused by white crystals blossoming beneath the surface of the stone, leaving behind a spectacular array of beautiful snow flake patterns. As a result, Snow Flake Obsidian may be produced as all black with white or grey crystals mixed in, or it may be produced as grey or white with black Obsidian mixed in.

*Always remember that stone has varying inclusions making each pair different and unique and no two plugs exactly alike.

Double flared Plugs

**Please note that the size is measured on the wearing surface and the flares are .5-1mm larger.


All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when not in use. Free Intrepid stickers included too!

All jewelry offered is for healed and stretched piercings only! Do not use any jewelry to stretch your own earlobes and it's highly recommend that you consult a professional piercer when gauging up!