Red Coral Plugs - Double Flared

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  As a living entity, red coral makes an excellent choice for body jewelry in that it assists in reconnecting with life and the Earth. Although coral comes in a variety of different colors, including white, pink, black and yellow, red is often the most sought after variety of this amazing material. Many people use red coral for visualization and meditation, and ancient cultures used it to ward off skin diseases and ill fortune. It's also believed that dreams of red coral are a sign that one will recover from a long illness soon. Our red coral plugs are great for virtually any sized lobes, but it should be noted that the material is delicate, so larger sizes may display scratches more easily. Additionally, each one of our red coral plugs is unique, so no two pieces will appear exactly the same, meaning you'll get beautiful body jewelry that is yours and yours alone.

Double flared Plugs **Please note that the size is measured on the wearing surface and the flares are 1 - 1.5mm larger.


All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when not in use. Free Intrepid stickers included too!

All jewelry offered is for healed and stretched piercings only! Do not use any jewelry to stretch your own earlobes and it's highly recommend that you consult a professional piercer when gauging up!