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EWIE-3 7/16" (11mm)
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-LIMITED EDITION Ebony Wood Eyelets with carved out design in center.
-Double Flared
-100% Vegan
-For Healed Piercings only


These plugs are hand carved from Ebony Wood with amazing precision and attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously made to produce excellent quality jewelry.

Designs are carved in the center of the eyelets allowing you to see through the design.

Double flared with a very subtle yet effective saddle. 

*Please note that all Ebony Wood plugs are sizes based on the measurement of the flares (outside edge of jewelry).  The wearing surface of the plugs tend to run .5-1mm smaller.

All items ship out in individual boxes, appropriate for the size, perfect for gifts, and come with two free Intrepid stickers! 

Ebony Wood jewelry is available on a limited basis only. At Intrepid we are committed to creating sustainable jewelry only. Ebony Wood is a beautiful, rich wood but unfortunately it is a slow growing hardwood making it hard to find sustainable resources for the material. At intrepid we've vowed to continue producing jewelry that is made from sustainable resources only.... so, bye bye Ebony Wood. You will be missed!~ 

This is the last of the stock made from Ebony Wood so get it while you can, before it is all gone!