Ebony Wood Plugs with Palm Wood Inlay

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Plugs are made with Ebony Wood and then inlayed with Palm Wood (also know as Coconut Wood) that has a beautiful stripped grain.

Also available with a leopard print that is created when you cut the grain differently.

100% Vegan

Double Flared Plugs

The Plugs are sized based on the Flare. The wearing surface is a bit smaller by .5-1mm

All prices are per pair.

Ebony Wood jewelry is available on a LIMITED BASIS ONLY. Intrepid is committed to creating sustainable jewelry only. Due to the limited sustainable resources for Ebony Wood, no more jewelry will be produced in this material. What is available online is the last of the stock we have so get it while you can!

All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when jewelry is not being worn. Free INTREPID stickers also included.

All jewelry offered is for healed and stretched piercings only! Do not use any jewelry to stretch your own earlobes and we highly recommend you consult a professional piercer when stretching up!