Ebony Wood Lotus Basket LIMITED EDITION

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-100% Vegan


Beautiful Earrings meticulously Handcarved from Ebony Wood. These earrings are intricate details covering all of the earrings except the wearing surface. Tiny spirals frame the top of the earrings and incase a small lotus, leading down to large lotus petals. Incredible quality, produced by my master carver.


Available in the following sizes:

 4ga (5mm) Length 1 7/8" x Width 1 3/4"

 2ga (6mm) Length 2 1/2" x Width 2 1/8"

 0ga (8mm) Length 2 3/4" x Width 2 1/8"


All earrings ship out in individual boxes, appropriate for the size, perfect for gifts, and come with two free Intrepid stickers! **Boxes are for retail customers only. Additional boxes may be purchased through the website.


Ebony Wood jewelry is available on a limited basis only. At Intrepid we are committed to creating sustainable jewelry only. Due to the limited sustainable resources for Ebony Wood, no more jewelry will be produced in this material. What is available online is the last of the stock we have so get it while you can!


As with all jewelry Intrepid carry, earrings are designed for healed piercings only and should not be used to stretch ears. Cease wearing immediately if any reaction or irritation occurs.