Ebony Wood Hanging Gauged Earrings

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Hand Carved Gauged Earrings 

Handmade from Ebony Wood, simple yet elegant.

Available in the following sizes;

2g (6mm) ~ Length 2" (51mm) x Width 7/8" (22mm)

1/2" (13mm) ~ Length 2-7/8" (74mm) x Width 1-1/8" (29mm)


These are Limited Edition Pieces!  This is from the last of our stock made from Ebony Wood. We love Ebony Wood and it has been one of our favorite woods to work with throughout the years, however, we recently stopped making jewelry out of it because there are no sustainable resources for the wood. These available designs are the last of what we have.

***We only have a few pairs left in each size in this design and because it is the remaining stock, and the handmade nature combined with the difficulty of this design, some of the sizes tend to vary by .5-1mm. When picking what size you want please let us know if you intend to stretch up or if you're done stretching. That way we will pick the best pair for you that either runs large or runs small.

All jewelry comes in a custom made box, designed to keep your earrings safe.

Designed for Stretched Earlobes only!