Ebony Wood "Swan" Earrings

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Hanging "Swans" Gauged Earrings

Handmade from Ebony Wood, simple yet elegant.

Available in the following sizes;

8g, 6g & 4g (3mm, 4mm, 5mm) 4mm) ~ Length 1-3/4" (45mm) x Width 7/8" (22mm)

2g (6mm) ~ Length 2" (51mm) x Width 1" (25mm)

0g (8mm) ~ Length 2-3/8" (61mm) x Width 1-1/4" (32mm)

00g (9.5mm) ~ Length 2-5/8" (67mm) x Width 1-3/8" (35mm)


This is from the last of our stock made from Ebony Wood. We love this beautiful dense Wood and it has been one of our favorite woods to work with throughout the years, however, we recently stopped making jewelry out of it because there are limited sustainable resources for the wood.

This design has a natural taper to it, however, we DO NOT recommend the use of ANY of our jewelry to force your ears to stretch. The organic materials we use are for healed piercings only and cannot be autoclaved. It's best to consult a professional body piercer when stretching up.


Designed for Stretched Ears only!