Dalmatian Jasper stone Plugs

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SP-JA-DA 8ga
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    Reconnect to your inner child with Dalmatian Jasper stone plugs! Known for its properties of restoring youthful energy and enjoyment, Dalmatian Jasper is an amazing stone which offers a variety of styles. Because it is created by nature, Dalmatian Jasper often produces an array of brilliant colors, including blacks, whites and browns. Many people use Dalmatian Jasper to reconnect with the earth, fight off disillusionment and more. If you're worried about a long-term relationship, this stone can help to increase loyalty and enjoyment. It's also used to increase blood purification in those that are seeking healing from ailments and addictions. If you've found yourself uptight lately, Dalmatian Jasper is great for aiding in relaxation. Often times, healers will use this stone to remove negative energies from the body, replacing them with positive ones.
Each one of our Dalmatian Jasper plugs is unique, meaning you will never find two plugs that are exactly the same.
**Please remember Stone Plugs have individual inclusions making each pair unique, different and truly one of a kind!
Double flared

**Please note that the Stone Plugs tend to run large for the simple fact that they are a heavier material and can fall out easier than Wood or Horn.
The size is measured on the wearing surface and the flares are 1 - 1.5mm larger.


All Items come in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your jewelry safe when not in use. Free Intrepid stickers included too!

All jewelry offered is for healed and stretched piercings only! Do not use any jewelry to stretch your own earlobes and it's highly recommend that you consult a professional piercer when strething up!