Jewelry Care

All of the jewelry carried by intrepid is meant to be worn in healed piercing only. Never use the jewelry to stretch ears and always seek professional pierces guidance when stretching lobes.

 Jewelry is not sterile and cannot be autoclaved. It is recommended that you wash jewelry with a mild anti-bacterial soap prior to wearing.

 If any irritation occurs, remove jewelry immediately and refrain from wearing. Intrepid is not responsible for individuals reactions to the jewelry.


Jewelry care must be maintained to ensure the piece(s) retain their physical appreance and makeup.

 The following are some tips to help you keep your jewelry looking new:

 ~Oil Jewelry periodically. Jojoba oil is recommended.

 ~Store each piece seperately, especially sharp or fragile pieces.

 ~Try to avoid contact with any products that may stain or deteriorate the material (such as hairspray, certain soaps, bleaches, and other household products).

 ~Removing jewelry before athletic or strenuous events is always a good idea, although not necessary. (Although, if you wear your jewelry while swimming..... you WILL lose them! Please don't say we didn't warn you when you do!!)

 ~Remember that prolonged sunlight or chlorine can washout color and/or damage the material.

 ~Always be gentle when handling your jewelry (Jade pieces are easily broken).

 Remember each piece is unique, making none of them replaceable!