Long Boho Electroformed Copper Necklace

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Nature Inspired Necklace | Chunky Boho Fashion Necklace | Copper and Stone Necklace | Electroformed Copper Necklace | Christmas Gift | 

Another piece from my "gravel" series, this raw, unusual and chunky necklace is made with a unique stone found in the gravel lane outside my grandmother's house. I have a deep sentimental connection with this necklace. Gravel is often overlooked and not thought of as typical "beauty" but just like a person, I find beauty resides in the unexpected, the unique, the one of a kind. This stone has maintained its shape under immense pressure and is meant for a person who can do the same. 

One of a kind, you will receive the exact necklace in the picture.

33” Length Chain
Stone Pendant measures 1 1/8" x 1 1/2"