"MAYA" Silver and Blue Small Aztec Leather Feather Gauged Earrings by BellaDrops

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"MAYA" Silver and Blue Small Aztec Leather Feather Earrings by BellaDrops

These light, black suede with silver and gold, aztec feather earrings are hand painted on both sides.

Leather feathers measure 2 3/4"L X 7/8"W. 

These are gauged earrings that have a magnetic clasp and are designed to be worn through tunnels, NOT DIRECTLY IN THE EAR.

Every pair comes with a set of Stainless Steel Tunnels sizes available from 0g-1".

**2g is only available with Black Silicone Eyelets ONLY, not steel tunnels.     

All jewelry arrives in a beautiful custom made box designed to keep your earrings safe when not in use.                                

   Also available in Gold and Black:



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