Leather Feather Gauged Earrings

leather-feather-gauged-earrings-magnetic-clap-belladrops.jpgWe are so excited to collaborate with the incredibly talented Gladys Garcia, owner and creator of BellaDrops Jewelry.  BellaDrops uses only high quality, ethically sourced leather.  The leather they use is a by-product of the food industry, and they take care in ensuring their leather is not purchased from a supplier that would engage in the unethical practice of killing for its skin.  BellaDrops believes in reducing their carbon footprint and thus, only exchange in business with small, independent suppliers that are locally ran, rather than purchasing from mass overseas suppliers.  Each pair is hand-painted by Gladys with love and attention to detail and is 100% handmade. High Quality. Ethically Sourced. Handmade Wearable art.  Visit www.belladropsjewelry.com to see their full line of jewelry