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Intrepid Jewelry offers several styles of distinctive, handcrafted jewelry that will help you complete your adventurous look. From unique necklaces and pendants to regular earrings to ear gauges and plugs, there’s a style for everyone.

We use beautiful, natural materials to create our handmade jewelry. Browse our many products and you’ll find pieces made from brass, wood, bone, horn, and stunningly beautiful stones such as blue agate, amethyst, druzy quartz, petrified wood, amazonite jadeite and many other materials.

Many of our pieces are one of a kind so when they’re gone, they’re gone. (But don’t worry -- we’re always creating new, beautiful pieces to keep our jewelry collections stocked with gorgeous earrings, plugs, necklaces and more!)

So shop our jewelry collection and you’ll find beautiful artisan handmade jewelry with a huge selection gorgeous pieces of that complement each other and your own unique style.