About Intrepid

A long time ago.....in a reality far, far away......a young girl roamed the planet in search of inspiration, creation, beauty, and knowledge of every form.  Manifested through years of exploration and devotion, the entity Intrepid was formed.

   Forged from nothing but pure intent, Intrepid was started in 1998 as owner and sole proprietor, Hillary Wilson, had begun her travels around the globe.  Desperate to fill the growing holes in her ears, and recognizing a huge void in the market for fun, comfortable and functioning jewelry, Intrepid was born.  In 2000 Hillary began designing large gauge plugs and earrings. Over the course of the last decade, Intrepid slowly and organically grew as Hillary was fast on her feet traversing the country side, popping into Tattoo and Piercing studios everywhere to peddle her wears.   If she's never wandered into your studio or shop...just wait...she still might.  

    These days, the crazy road dawg in Hillary has turned more to a domesticated house cat.  She recently settled down to start a family and in the meantime has been working on developing her website and building an online presence.  Most days you can find Hillary pulling her hair out as she stares at her computer wondering how to fix the latest website glitch in-between changing diapers and picking toys up off the floor.  Determined to master the online world, Hillary is blessed to run her small business herself while still spending her days entertaining the two lil' monsters she created.  

     Since it's early incarnation, Hillary has been fortunate enough  to have the constant support of the same Master Carver, who's incredible skills with a jigsaw and a dremel seem almost Jedi like.  Together they humbly seek to help people everywhere find beautiful, high quality, affordable plugs and large gauge jewelry.  

   With an eye for design, and a modern and clean aesthetic, Intrepid has been proud to offer original and creative designs unlike most traditional pieces on the market.  From the sourcing of the materials to the production of the jewelry, Intrepids main concern is that integrity is the common thread through all aspects.  

  Thanks to everyone for their continued support!